Hurricane Season 2017 wreaked havoc on many Caribbean Islands, including US territories Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands. Many women and their families remain in precarious living conditions, lacking  basic human necessities even today.

A $10 donation can provide a hygiene kit (toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary napkin, deodorant, washcloth & soap,) etc.  for one woman survivor of Hurricane a disaster.


4RWI Inc has an active branch of leaders in the region of Limon and Cahuita in the country of Costa Rica. These 4RWI Leaders present insight gaining programs that empower women to take their rightful places in society. Many mothers in the area struggle to keep food on the table for their children.

A $25 donation can provide milk, oil, and corn flour for 1 Costa Rican mother to feed 3 children for  a week.


Although residing in a cosmopolitan city like New York, many women aged 18 and above who live in urban areas find themselves lacking opportunities to gain the tools necessary to achieve beyond their current status. 4RWI Inc established the award winning Leadership Academy 4 Women in both Brooklyn and Queens. With over 100 women, from all walks of life, who have completed the three-level program and gone on to achieve greater heights, LEAD has proven successful in helping women to see a greater vision of themselves.

A $50 donation can provide a woman in Brooklyn or Queens, New York with a partial scholarship to attend the Leadership Academy 4 Women


Annually, the facilitators of 4RWI Inc host a full 2-3 day conference with dozens of workshops for women in a country of Latin America or the Caribbean. Jamaica, St Lucia, Panama, Costa Rica, are a few of the countries where 4RWI Conferences have greatly impacted the women of these nations. 4RWI Facilitators fund their own travel expenses, to decrease costs for partnering organizations in host nations.

The conferences provide women with emotional empowerment by providing safe places to confront and acquire tools to deal with domestic violence, sexual abuse and harassment, low self-esteem, grief and loss, divorce and separation, apathy, etc.

A $75 donation can assist in the funding of resources and materials for an International Conference 4 Women in the Caribbean or Latin America


Annually during the month of January 4RWI Inc, provides 3 days of intensive leadership training for its leaders and any woman who wishes to create positive change in her community.

Funding is needed to provide resources for the leaders at this summit. The goal is to train grass-roots leaders to develop and maintain sustainable change for the women and girls in their communities.

A $100 donation can help to provide much resources for women leaders to train in the development of sustainable change in their communities


Through its CHANGE AGENDA, in 2017 and 2018, 4RWI Inc continues to to develop opportunities to address issues of poverty, lack of educational opportunities, negative imagery of women, lack of self-care that continue to plague women all over the world.

A $150 donation or more can help to sustain the 4RWI CHANGE Agenda