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Treviour Donovan

Treviour Donovan

Treviour Donovan (Community Activist):

Before LEAD I was a woman full of pain. I had been deeply hurt in a relationship and did not trust anyone, more so women. I confess that on my worst days I just wanted give up on life. I was an undocumented single mother and could not see how I was going to survive in this country. But LEAD gave me the opportunity to share my story in a safe place with other women. Slowly, with the help and support of the facilitators in LEAD the dark shadows began to pass and I began to live dream and believe in life again.

I have learned from LEAD that success isn’t just about what I accomplish in my life, it’s about what I can inspire others to do. I have learned from LEAD over the pass three years to help women in my community. It is amazing that from not wanting to have anything to do with women, this is the one thing I love doing.

LEAD opened my eyes to see myself as a survivor, a strong woman. I am not a victim any more I am a victor. My dream is to go back to school to become a social worker and put my line of home made body creams on the market. I had the opportunity to be chosen to represent my children’s school in Albany. There I got the opportunity to speak to Senator Jesse Hamilton. The woman who spoke in Albany with confidence was a different woman from the one who first came to LEAD. I had found my voice.

How I give back: Thanks to LEAD I have become a bold and fearless leader and advocate in my community. I am proud stay at home mom that has become a mouth piece for women and girls in my community. I am currently working on my GED and cannot wait to apply to college as soon as I am finished.