What is 4 Real Women International?

4 Real Women International, Inc. (4RWI) is a 501 (c) 3 non-denominational, multilingual, multicultural, multigenerational, non-profit network run by women for women, and their families, with operations in the United States and internationally.

4RWI, Inc. develops and presents innovative and creative insight-gaining programs and activities for women, and girls, in individual or group settings. We do this through peer-counseling, mentoring, workshops, interventions, conferences, and support groups.

We aim to provide awareness, understanding and practical solutions to some of the most common and often unadressed issues faced by women around the globe today.

4RWI, Inc also utilizes its wide presence on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Paper.Li, YouTube) to address issues that impact women.

4RWI, Inc. believes that every woman is empowered when she understands that she deserves the freedom to rediscover herself and has the right to learn how to live her best life. The ultimate goal of 4RWI,Inc. empowerment efforts is to challenge women  to take full ownership of the countless possibilities that lie within them.

We challenge women to see that they have a purpose, that they too are agents of change and that they can use their talents and skills to maximize them into possibilities. In so doing, they are able to take their rightful places in society and this world and fulfill their purpose.


What has 4RWI, Inc. accomplished thus far?

4RWI, Inc. began its official work in January of 2007. Since then, it has touched the lives of thousands of women, in the USA and internationally.

4RWI signature programs include:

VoWCon (Voices of Women) A one-day conference that gathers the voices of women as paneliststs, to share their views around a specific topic. VoWCon takes place in the month of May.

International Conferences for Women (Latin America and Caribbean) usually held during the Spring Break.

Leadership Summit. A 4-day leadership training conference for women leaders and 4RWI Member Volunteers held once a year in the month of January.

In addition, 4RWI Affiliate and Ambassador Groups carry out relevant programming through out the year that serve to bring awareness to specific women issues and provide opportunities for women and girls to be empowered.