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So, just came back from presenting a day of workshops with my ‘little sister’, Rasheedah, at the “Leadership Academy 4Women: LEAD“, in Brooklyn, NY!  I trust Rasheedah, impeccably, so I knew it would be both rewarding and beneficial.

Whoah! No words can describe!  Having been out of the traditional workplace for almost a year, it really felt good to be amongst…like minded folk (don’t get me wrong, I love being at home w/my little Kaylee, but sometimes I long for some ongoing, ‘adult’ two-way conversation!).  While the participants, undoubtedly, thought that we were there to share words of wisdom and empower them, what they didn’t know, is that they were doing that very thing for me!  For us!

Our workshops, focused on “Giving Yourself the Edge Over the Competition” and encompassed targeted discussions and exercises around Branding (BYOB, as we call it), Networking 101 (including title=”How to…60 Sec Elevator Speech” href=”http://www.salisbury.edu/careerservices/students/Interviews/60secondElevator.html” target=”_blank”>how to construct a 60 Second Elevator Speech), and Emotional vs. Intellectual Intelligence!  Now we all know, or should know, that these are critical areas of the work world, no matter the race, age or gender, that plaque the success or unsuccessfulness of many a career, time and time again.  And will continue to plague it!  In fact, I personally shared stories of the results of my NOT having learned the importance many of these nuances or having learned them too late, in some cases.  I gave REAL examples of how those missteps may have derailed my career, at one time or another.

Having arrived at the same destination, but taking 2 different paths to get there, Rasheedah & I were the perfect combination.  I have tremendous gratitude then, for the opportunity to continue to share!  I only hope, that we were as rewarding as we were rewarded!  Where was this organization (of women) when I was growing up?  Don’t get me wrong, my mom is an awesome role model, as are many other woman I am extremely close with. But too many of those relationships came later in life.  Today, I saw woman, ages 18-60, sharing, nurturing, uplifting!  Where would some of us be, without it?  Where are some of us now, without it?  Be clear, the competition IS NOT your teammate!  It’s the other guy, on the other team, in the other like-niched company!  So when your whole team succeeds, everyone wins!  Too many companies don’t get that and set up some awful individual performance ratings that create inter-competitiveness that will eventually cause the entire company to fail!  My 2 cents!

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Find 1 women/man to impart some “words of wisdom” to, just once this week!

Now, if this is you, on a normal basis, then great!  You’ve got it!  You understand, “each one, teach one!”; however, if you’re 1 of most, and you’ve joined the rat race, doing your thing and could care less about your tub mate…in other words, you would rather watch him/her walk from the restroom with toilet paper hanging from the back of their clothing for the laugh, rather than share any words of wisdom, then, I’M TALKING TO YOU!

Or maybe you just want to give back!  Consider contributing to this organization!  I was there, so I saw the input & the output…in that building today were some of America’s FUTURE LEADERS! Below are some of the references we shared during our presentation, in the event some of the ladies just happen to peruse this blog.


Source: minimees4.com/weeks-challenge-empower-someone-other-than-yourself/

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