4 Real Women International Inc, welcomes Adriana Cal as our new Branding and Marketing Coordinator.

Adriana resides in Montevideo, Uruguay South America with her teen-aged daughter and husband. After 7 years of residing in Queens, New York Adriana and her family returned to Uruguay in 2007.

An self-taught web and graphics designer with over fifteen years of experience developing hard and soft marketing resources for individuals, associations, congregations, and corporations, all over the world. She is also a certified PC Techinician and a professional photographer. Adriana’s journey is one of self-determination mixed with amazing gifts.

In 1999 Adriana purchased her first PC and was fascinated by the Internet and the web pages is contained. She was amazed at the idea that anyone could create a web page and literally publish it to the world! She immediately began her research to find someone who could teach her how do this. At the time there were no instructors on web site building in Uruguay, and there would not be any for about a decade. So, she decided to build her own web site. It was a labor intensive process. But, when she finally figured it out, she developed her first web site, called “Create Your Web” and decided to provided step by step instruction to help people design their own websites. When her site came out, she was offered a position to be the technology writer in a popular techie magazine in Uruguay but she was already preparing to migrate to New York.

Once in New York she began designing for websites congregations, clubs, and a local doctor. Then in 2005 she was contacted by Norka when she began to post her series of blogs in English and Spanish on what was then 4 Real Women.com

As for her graphics designing skills, Adriana claims that Norka once asked her to design a flyer. She let her know that did not know how to do this and Norka insisted that she try. She did and the rest is history. Adriana has been the graphics and web designer behind the 4RWI brand since its very inception.

Adriana, is gifted. She devour technical manuals, accesses new software and digital platforms, and like second nature, understands and begins to use them in no time. In 2009 she had the opportunity to take a PC repairs course and 90% of what they taught she already knew.

In 2017 her interest in photography grew. She always received a lot of compliments for the photos she took with her phone. She then decided to purchase a camera and bought and read about 10 photography books and manuals. She then registered in photography course, but once gain she already knew about 90% of what they were teaching.

Proficient in both English and Spanish, Adriana takes great pride in her work for 4RWI and is constantly working to make the 4RWI website and all branded digital resources appealing.

The Board of Directors of 4RWI Inc enthusiastically welcomes Adriana Cal to its team and looks forward to her continued contributions.