4 Real Women International Inc welcomes Dr Tricia Penniecook as our Education and Career Strategist Coach. In this role she will create and provide personal and group career and academic coaching to 4RWI Volunteers who serve in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean.

A native of Costa Rica, Dr Tricia Penniecook is a Public Health physician, who has practiced, administered and taught in that field in the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica. The Vice-Dean for Education and Faculty Affairs at the University of South Florida College of Public Health, Dr Pennicook’s personal, academic and professional accomplishments are numerous and noteworthy. She also serves in numerous local, university, national and international boards, taskforces and committees.

Her more than twenty-years of experience in leadership positions in practice and academia have allowed her opportunities to coach, mentor and sponsor women and men in their career and academic journeys.

In her personal mission statement Dr Penniecook espouses a global and inclusive framework that is congruent with the 4RWI philosophy of empowerment. She asserts that she became a physician to heal. Preventive medicine allows her the opportunity to preserve health and wholeness; a philosophy of health grounded in faith that inspires her to treat the whole person, acknowledging that a patient’s beliefs, support system, connectedness and environment have as much influence on their health and healing as any medical advice or prescription. She is a public health professional because inequities exist, and health professionals bridge the gap. They guarantee that everyone, from the not yet born to the oldest, and everywhere, from the most remote village to the most progressive metropolis, have the conditions that are necessary to live healthy lives. This commitment to health equity stems from her life-long belief system in social justice and responsibility. She believes that health is a complex construct. There is no silver bullet or simple solution. More than two decades of experience have confirmed her belief that it is the responsibility of public health and academia to create, educate and support leaders of different passions, interests and experiences; leaders who will understand and embrace their responsibility in achieving health equity through practice, research, advocacy and policy development.

Tricia is married to Richard Blanco, PhD. Together they have three sons: Tyrell (18), Tony (16) and Jonathan (7). As a proud mother of three sons, she finds special fulfillment in encouraging women and girls to make wise decisions to walk in their purpose.

For 4 Real Women International Inc it is an honor to have Dr Tricia Penniecook as part of our team of directors and coordinators.