Angela is the co-owner of a public records research company in New York City which has been in business for over 15 years. Owning her own business has taught her a lot about the world of finances. It is a rich knowledge-base that she believes she would not have acquired otherwise. As a businesswoman, on a day to day basis, Angela’s responsibilities include dealing with and solving customer concerns, overseeing the overall management of the office, in addition to ensuring that all compliances with local, state, and federal government agencies are met.

This rewarding and challenging experience motivates her desire to see more women take the challenge and enter the world of entrepeneurship. Her goal is to empower women who often have dreams of opening their own business but often don’t know where to start. By sharing her own experience Angela motivates women to utilize their unique skills as an asset to their future business goals.

A proud graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Angela is quick to add that the greatest part of her education has come from her many life experiences. Angela has served on the Board of Directors of 4RWI, Inc as the Chief Financial Officer since its inception. She is one of the founding members of 4 Real Women International, Inc.

A member of the 4RWI Empowerment Team Angela travels to all of 4RWI International Conferences, serving as the logistics co-coordinator. Her role is critical to the success of these events. Once the 4RWI Team of Facilitatorshits the ground there thousands of details that need to be secured. Angela manages all final financial negotiations with hotels and hosts; oversees that all venue facilities and commodities such as rooms, meals, elevators, bathrooms, technological support, etc are fully functional; keeps the conference program and participants on schedule, and makes sure that the hundreds of women that attend these events are serviced well.

Angela facilitates in several of 4RWI, Inc. signature events such as: The Leadership Academy 4 Women: LEAD!, and several group interventions. She is also the official online moderator for The International Power Call. Angela specializes in the following 4RWI, Inc. signature workshops: “I’ve Always Wanted to Do That” and “What’s Money Got to Do With Anything?” Her workshops encourage women to become financially empowered and to follow their dreams of entrepreneurship. She has also published several articles in the 4RWI, Inc. magazine: Empowerment 4 Real Women.

Born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, she and her family migrated to the USA when Angela was very young. Today Angela resides in Queens, New York with her parents.

As the Chief Financial Manager of 4 Real Women International, Inc., since 2007, Angela has seen first-hand how this organization has made a difference in the lives of thousands of women throughout the years. At the end of each encounter her hope is that each women may remain empowered to live purposeful, productive and fruitful lives.

Contacts for Angela:

Telephone: (866) 494-4794 Extension: 702

Snail mail:

4 Real Women International, Inc.
Attention: Angela Fletcher
299 Broadway Ste 1508
New York, NY 10007-2061