4RWI welcomes new Education & Career Strategist Coach

4 Real Women International Inc welcomes Dr Tricia Penniecook as our Education and Career Strategist Coach. In this role she will create and provide personal and group career and academic coaching to 4RWI Volunteers who serve in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean.

A native of Costa Rica, Dr Tricia Penniecook is a Public Health physician, who has practiced, administered and taught in that field in the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica. The Vice-Dean for Education and Faculty Affairs at the University of South Florida College of Public Health, Dr Pennicook’s personal, academic and professional accomplishments are numerous and noteworthy. She also serves in numerous local, university, national and international boards, taskforces and committees.

Her more than twenty-years of experience in leadership positions in practice and academia have allowed her opportunities to coach, mentor and sponsor women and men in their career and academic journeys.

In her personal mission statement Dr Penniecook espouses a global and inclusive framework that is congruent with the 4RWI philosophy of empowerment. She asserts that she became a physician to heal. Preventive medicine allows her the opportunity to preserve health and wholeness; a philosophy of health grounded in faith that inspires her to treat the whole person, acknowledging that a patient’s beliefs, support system, connectedness and environment have as much influence on their health and healing as any medical advice or prescription. She is a public health professional because inequities exist, and health professionals bridge the gap. They guarantee that everyone, from the not yet born to the oldest, and everywhere, from the most remote village to the most progressive metropolis, have the conditions that are necessary to live healthy lives. This commitment to health equity stems from her life-long belief system in social justice and responsibility. She believes that health is a complex construct. There is no silver bullet or simple solution. More than two decades of experience have confirmed her belief that it is the responsibility of public health and academia to create, educate and support leaders of different passions, interests and experiences; leaders who will understand and embrace their responsibility in achieving health equity through practice, research, advocacy and policy development.

Tricia is married to Richard Blanco, PhD. Together they have three sons: Tyrell (18), Tony (16) and Jonathan (7). As a proud mother of three sons, she finds special fulfillment in encouraging women and girls to make wise decisions to walk in their purpose.

For 4 Real Women International Inc it is an honor to have Dr Tricia Penniecook as part of our team of directors and coordinators.


4rwi welcomes new Branding and Marketing Coordinator

4 Real Women International Inc, welcomes Adriana Cal as our new Branding and Marketing Coordinator.

Adriana resides in Montevideo, Uruguay South America with her teen-aged daughter and husband. After 7 years of residing in Queens, New York Adriana and her family returned to Uruguay in 2007.

An self-taught web and graphics designer with over fifteen years of experience developing hard and soft marketing resources for individuals, associations, congregations, and corporations, all over the world. She is also a certified PC Techinician and a professional photographer. Adriana’s journey is one of self-determination mixed with amazing gifts.

In 1999 Adriana purchased her first PC and was fascinated by the Internet and the web pages is contained. She was amazed at the idea that anyone could create a web page and literally publish it to the world! She immediately began her research to find someone who could teach her how do this. At the time there were no instructors on web site building in Uruguay, and there would not be any for about a decade. So, she decided to build her own web site. It was a labor intensive process. But, when she finally figured it out, she developed her first web site, called “Create Your Web” and decided to provided step by step instruction to help people design their own websites. When her site came out, she was offered a position to be the technology writer in a popular techie magazine in Uruguay but she was already preparing to migrate to New York.

Once in New York she began designing for websites congregations, clubs, and a local doctor. Then in 2005 she was contacted by Norka when she began to post her series of blogs in English and Spanish on what was then 4 Real

As for her graphics designing skills, Adriana claims that Norka once asked her to design a flyer. She let her know that did not know how to do this and Norka insisted that she try. She did and the rest is history. Adriana has been the graphics and web designer behind the 4RWI brand since its very inception.

Adriana, is gifted. She devour technical manuals, accesses new software and digital platforms, and like second nature, understands and begins to use them in no time. In 2009 she had the opportunity to take a PC repairs course and 90% of what they taught she already knew.

In 2017 her interest in photography grew. She always received a lot of compliments for the photos she took with her phone. She then decided to purchase a camera and bought and read about 10 photography books and manuals. She then registered in photography course, but once gain she already knew about 90% of what they were teaching.

Proficient in both English and Spanish, Adriana takes great pride in her work for 4RWI and is constantly working to make the 4RWI website and all branded digital resources appealing.

The Board of Directors of 4RWI Inc enthusiastically welcomes Adriana Cal to its team and looks forward to her continued contributions.


4RWI welcomes new Interim Administrative and Internal Communications Director.

4 Real Women International Inc, welcomes Chantal Fulgencio, as our Interim Administrative and Internal Communications Director.


Chantal graduated from East Stroudsburg University in 2016 where she studied Political Science Pre-Law, French and Spanish. She had the privilege of being chosen as the Undergraduate Commencement Speaker. While in College Chantal was a legislative intern in the Pennsylvania State Senate. After graduation, she worked for a brokerage and reinsurance firm in New York City and served as a Youth Development Peer Coach at New York University. Chantal points to these experiences as significant to her personal and professional growth.


Chantal took a year off work and had the life changing opportunity to travel with her parents around the world. Together they traveled to over 50 cities, 25 countries, and 6 continents. Chantal believes that this was by far one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. Not only did she grow closer to her parents in a literal sense (they were always staying in very close quarters), but overall as a family they elicited strength and resilience as together they encountered both hardships and beauty throughout their travels.


Chantal has stated that she learned that the world is such a fascinating place and it’s people are a representation of that. “I will forever be grateful to the many cultures, food, languages, and people I’ve met along the way who’ve created permanent places in my heart.”


Chantal currently works as a College Assistant at Queen’s College. Where she is grateful for the leadership and mentorship opportunities offered to her by the wonderful faculty and staff.


An aspiring change agent, go-getter and lawyer in the making. Chantal plans to take the LSAT exam in early 2020 and be enrolled in law school by next fall. Of particular interest to her are immigration and family law.


A polyglot Chantal is fluent in Spanish, French and English. With extensive leadership and volunteer experience, Chantal has been a UNICEF Family Sponsor, volunteered for Angel’s Closet, and weekly assists her church with the housing and feeding of homeless families in her community. In 2018 she was the recipient of the NAACP Activism Award of her local chapter, and was also the recipient of the Shirley Chisholm Award at East Stroudsburg University.


In July 2018 Chantal attended and graduated from the first level, of the 4RW  Leadership Academy 4 Women, hosted by 4RWI Inc. That year she also volunteered as a Social Media Intern at VoWCon. Chantal looks forward to working with the organization in this new capacity.  She feels both humbled and honored to be working with such inspiring and powerful female leaders.


The Board of Directors of 4RWI enthusiastically welcomes Chantal Fulgencio and looks forward to her support in this critical administrative role.


4 Real Women International Inc welcomes new Donor Relations Coordinator

Kayla Celeste Cato is a first generation American born to parents who hail from Jamaica. In December of 2016 she received her Bachelors of Science degree in Early Childhood with a dual degree in Special Education from East Stroudsburg University. After a year of working in the intensive special education field, she went back to school and recently graduated from Queens College with her MSED in Literacy Education.

Today Kayla is the Development Associate at The Spence School – a private & prestigious all girls school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In her role she extends the mission of the school through fundraising, communications, event planning, and alumnae relations.

Kayla was first introduced to 4 Real Women International Inc in November 2017 when Founder and CEO, Norka Blackman Richards invited her to VoWCon. Inspired by this “magical experience” she participated and graduated as a Team Player from the 4RWI Leadership Academy in August 2018; then later attended VoWCon in October 2018. Eager to continue her growth and development in this organization, she facilitated the 2019 LEAD graduation and developed the first ever 4RWI Phonathon.

In this new role as the Donor Relations Coordinator of 4 Real Women International Inc, Kayla aspires to use her experience, knowledge, and understanding from above to organize fundraising campaigns that will contribute to the impeccable work of 4RWI and their mission of empowering women and girls all around the world!

The Board of Directors of 4RWI is excited about welcoming Kayla and look forward to many donor relationships that she will foster in support of the organization’s mission.


Curazao Netherlands Antilles Conference for Women

Founder and president of 4 Real Women International Inc, Norka Blackman-Richards, was the keynote speaker at the Curazao Netherlands Antilles Conference for Women. The event took place on June 7 to 9, 2019 at the Sentro pa Desaroyo Integral Israel Leito (SDIIL) in Buena Vista. SDIIL sits 1,000 persons. And the event filled the auditorium to full capacity. Curazao is a Dutch Caribbean Island situated off the coast of Venezuela.

Blackman-Richards’ emphasis during the conference was on helping to see their value and encouraging self-care and self-agency. Many of the participants shared how inspired they were by the presentations.

Plans are currently underway for a mass convention for women and girls hosted by 4 Real Women International to take place in September of 2020 in Curazao.



LEAD! 2019

On June 30, 2019 4 Real Women International will be opening its doors in both Brooklyn and Queens to host the Leadership Academy for Women. We expect to host over 100 women, who want to invest in self-growth. We need your help to make this possible. Click on this link to donate.

Our budget to run both academies is over $12, 000. Over 50% of the women who attend need financial assistance to pay for our one-time registration fee.

Please support this great cause and invest in the life of a woman who wants to create a change in her life and make a difference in her community.

Click on the link to donate.



Free Mammogram Screening

On Tuesday June 4, 2019 4RWI Brooklyn partnered with Mt. Sinai Hospital and collaborated with the offices of Brooklyn civic leaders Assemblywoman Latrice M. Walker and Councilwoman Alicka Ampry-Samuel-41st District, Brooklyn to provide women of the community with access to no cost Mammogram Screening. More than twenty five women from underserved communities in Brooklyn attended the event, received information, education, and breast cancer screening services.




Mental health awareness seminar

As part of 4RWI’s Women’s Health Day of Action, the 4RWI Florida team organized and facilitated a mental health awareness seminar for women in Tampa, FL. Mental illnesses and disorders, breaking down stigmatization surrounding mental illness, and caring for our emotional health were among the topics discussed at the event.


4rwi Impact Infographic

4RWI continues to touch and change the lives of thousands of women and girls all over the world. This is our impact report for the month of March 2019, in celebration of Women’s History Month and Women’s Day which for us is “Day of Change”.



Woman Receives Hand-woven machine

In May, 2016 at the Voices of Women Conference, 4 Real Women International Inc. was able to partner with There is No Limit Foundation to purchase a hand women machine for a woman in Ivory Coast.

Kabore, seen in this photo was the recipient of this machine. In June, the co-founders of There is No Limit Foundation, sisters Aissata M/B Camara and were able to donate this very valuable resource to Kabore. This machine will ensure that Kabore and her family have food, clothing and much needed materials for their survival.

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