Sobre Lead!

Una iniciativa de 4 Real Women International Inc.
Un programa anual de liderazgo 7 semanas para las mujeres mayores de 18 años.

LEAD! ofrece:

  • Talleres semanales dinámicos sobre temas de actualidad
  • Un lugar seguro para las mujeres para compartir
  • Múltiples oportunidades de establecer contacto con mujeres profesionales
  • Exposición a diferentes voces de mujeres y sus experiencias de vida
  • Una excelente oportunidad para el crecimiento personal
  • Tutoría
  • Entrenamiento en el liderazgo
  • Certificado de finalización por nivel


Nivel 1: Participante (Equipos  Alfa, Beta, Gamma y Delta)
Nivel 2: Consejera (Epsilon)
Nivel 3: Líder (Omega)
* El espacio es limitado en todos los niveles.

Tu puedes ayudar en el desarrollo de mujeres líderes a través de la Academia de Liderazgo para  Mujeres: LEAD! con una donación
Para individuales: Damos la bienvenida a todas las contribuciones financieras y donaciones para becas. Cuesta alrededor de $ 80 – $ 150, dependiendo del nivel, por participante para financiar este programa. 4RWI Inc. requiere que los participantes paguen alrededor de 45% a 50% del costo. Los costos adicionales se financian con donaciones.
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Para pequeñas empresas y corporaciones: Somos muy receptivas al apoyo financiero, servicios y donaciones de productos de marca. Ofrecemos valiosos beneficios promocionales a todas las empresas que apoyan la Academia de Liderazgo: L.E.A.D!
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* Todas las donaciones a 4RWI, Inc. son deducibles de impuestos en los Estados Unidos con todo el rigor de la ley.

Pasantías de Liderazgo

Como parte del compromiso de 4 Real Women International  para guiar y desarrollar la próxima generación de mujeres líderes, hemos proporcionado una oportunidad para que las graduadas de la Academia de Liderazgo puedan solicitar 6 meses de prácticas de liderazgo. Las pasantes asistirán a las miembros del Directorio Ejecutivo de 4RWI Inc., en la organización, planificación y líderazgo de la miríada de actividades e iniciativas que forman parte de esta franquicia internacional.Aunque se le dará prioridad a las graduadas de la Academia para Líderes LEAD! cuando apliquen para las pasantías, aquellas que no sean graduadas también podrán aplicar para positiones (y las animamos a hacerlo) y se les garantizarán los mismos beneficios.

Para acceder a una pasantía de Liderazgo, por favor complete y envíe el siguiente formulario

Pasantes 2014

Tanya Bloomfield, Monica Danzell, Treviour Donovan, Markela Morell, Thrillisa Morrison, Lorna Moses, Yolande Phillip, Margaret Pope, Sonia Smith, and Yvette Wilson

Pasantes 2013

Janet S. John, Casey St. Croix-Altier, Merlina Actie, Shayna John and Anecia John-McCall

Pasantes 2011 – 2012

Pamela Spinks, Makeysha Woodman, Janet S. John, Talia Diana Williams, Casey St. Croix-Altier, Damaris Gaskin, Marquita Bacon, Melissa Nicaisse, and Marlena Matute

Pasantes 2010

Carmel Balan & Janet S. John

Asociación de Alumnas de LEAD (LAA)

Julio 2014 – Julio 2016

Presidenta: Dr. Sonia Smith

Vice-presidenta: Yolande Phillip

Tesorera: Lorna Moses

Secretaria: Margaret Pope

Relaciones Públicas: Tanya Bloomfield

Testimonials from LEADers (Traducción muy pronto)

Pamela Spinks (Early Childhood Education Specialist):

I joined the Leadership Academy at a most difficult time in my life. I was going through a divorce and had just lost my job. I felt as though I was in the midst of a storm in the middle of the ocean and every time I came to the surface for air I was pulled under the waves. From the moment I heard about what the program entailed I felt a desperate need to be a part. I saw it as a lifeline. I completed the first level and decided to complete the three-year cycle. By the end of my third year I had found the strength to become a mentor and went on to train to become a 4RWI Facilitator.

What I loved about LEAD is that I met real women who had gone through or who were still going through struggles but they were survivors, victors and champions. They were not limited or confined by circumstances, migration status, race or religion. They only saw what we all had in common, the fact that we are women. I am grateful for the people I have met and the opportunities given to me to be a part of something so much bigger than myself but yet allowed me to understand and appreciate the power of one. The power of one to influence others and affect change one life at a time. Since my first year at the Leadership Academy I got the courage and finished a double masters in Early Childhood Education and Special Education ( and graduated Summa Cum Laude). Currently, I am a site Director for a Universal Pre-Kindergarten program in Brooklyn, an education consultant for a pilot program that focuses on providing high quality after school services for inner city children in NYC and I serve on the Board of Directors of 4RWI Inc.

Marlena Matute (Art History Graduate and Blogger): The Leadership Academy and 4RWI Inc provided me with the opportunity to meet and befriend professional women. I grew up in a blue-collar household in which some members went to college but never finished and others just got by in high school. While they managed to make lives for themselves without higher education, there are many aspects of life that eluded them. As a result, I didn’t know what exactly career-wear was, or how to network with people. For someone with social anxiety it became very difficult. It took being around these women and working with them to open me up to all kinds of possibilities that I would have otherwise gotten intimidated by. While I still get feelings of unease at the prospect of having to speak in public, I can now do so with a strong voice. 4RWI helped to increase my self-esteem, which in turn helped me to connect with women.

I will be finishing my last year of LEAD this year, but since starting the program I graduated from college, traveled to Paris on a scholarship, completed my (first) master’s and most importantly began to use my voice in different ways. I recently re-launched my plus-size fashion and body positive blog where I hope to inspire women to redefine beauty even as the fashion industry continues to uphold negative standards. I also became to Social Media Associate for 4RWI, Inc.

Makeysha Woodman (Psychology Major & Legal Assistant): LEAD afforded me the opportunity to see a plethora of women coming together for a common cause. These women were from diverse professional backgrounds and all having different life experiences to share. I had never experienced that before. It was because of their willingness to share their stories, their professional experiences that enable me to see that I too could accomplish great things. After attending LEAD I knew that I was no longer defined by my bad life experiences, but instead I felt more equipped to deal with whatever challenges life threw my way! Today I’m in places and doing things that seemed almost impossible before. I am finishing up my undergrad degree in Psychology at New York City College of Technology. I work for Legal Aid Society in Brooklyn and my goal is to obtain my graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from Widener University.

Tanya Bloomfield (Middle School Math Teacher): Before LEAD I was undecided about taking up leadership challenges, I had dreams but was lacking the tools to achieve them. The main missing piece was how to get along with other women. My profession is female-dominated but my relationship with other women was superficial. I didn’t really know how to develop a sisterhood with these women, instead of being confrontational and competitive toward them. Also, I was conscious of my foreign accent and the fact that I was a minority at my workplace. I was terribly afraid of facing people’s criticisms about my differences. I knew I wanted to be in a leadership position however I was doubting my capabilities.

Having spent three years at LEAD, I became empowered to take on any challenges that come my way. I finished my teaching degree and started a Master’s program. My views of other women and the manner in which I associated with them changed significantly. Today, I am a lead teacher in my school and have been practicing what I learned in the Leadership academy. As a result I can attribute my professional success to this program. I am now in the process of pursuing my dream of becoming a school leader.

Damaris Gaskin (Healthcare Professional): Before The Leadership Academy, I was doing OK. Regular life, regular things, regular family, and in-laws dramas. I thought I had forgiven people that hurt me, and had forgotten things and put them behind me. Little did I know that this was far from being so. LEAD helped me to shed things that were hidden deep in my heart. With the incisive, questions and testimonials during the workshops, and an atmosphere of love compassion and a willingness to listen and not judge, my life changed completely. All the layers began to peel off my false sense of confidence. I am in a much better place. I have learned that we are never too old to dream and I am dreaming again. I am not afraid to speak my mind, to give opinions, and I am not intimidated by anyone any longer. Today I mentor and help young ladies and women from all walks of life by helping them regain their self worth and dream again, to be counted, to be heard. I also volunteer my skills to my community of faith and I am also part of the team of Empowerment Facilitators of 4RWI Inc.

Graduadas de Lead!

Abdul-Fattah, Nurah (ALPHA), Archer, Janelle (GAMMA), Bacon, Marquita (DELTA)
Balan, Carmel (GAMMA), Benn, Brithney (BETA), Bruce, Odessea (DELTA), Bryant, Laurel (GAMMA), Belotte, Shannen (ALPHA), Calloway, Katrina (GAMMA), De Silva, Hannah (ALPHA), Francis, Danesha (BETA), Fraser, Temesha A. (DELTA), Gaskin, Damaris (DELTA), George, Alphena A. (GAMMA), Jones, Krystyna (BETA), Joseph, Alaffia (DELTA), Kelson-Johnson, Tanisha (DELTA), Lewis, Nicolette (DELTA), Louis, Marilyn (DELTA), Martinez, Suzanne (GAMMA), Moore, Tiffany A. R. (BETA), Muniz, Disiret (ALPHA), Nicaisse, Melissa L. (GAMMA), Roberson, Chantelle (ALPHA), Rodriguez, Susana (DELTA), Sandfia, Dania (ALPHA), Sandfia, Saja (ALPHA), St. Croix, Casey (GAMMA), Sierra, Elizabeth (ALPHA), Spinks, Pamela (DELTA) Williams, Talia Diana (DELTA), Woodman, Makeysha (GAMMA)

Level 1- Apha, Beta, Gamma, Delta Team Players

Actie, Merlina (Gamma), Akter, Rokeya (Gamma) Bacon, Portia (Beta), Bruce, Odessea (Delta) Callwood, Michelle (Beta), Gonzalez, Mayra (Delta) Hendy, Ritty (Delta), Honore, Christine (Delta) John, Shayna (Alpha), John, Janet S. (Beta) John-McCall, Anecia (Delta), Lopez, Elsa (Delta) Martinez, Sarah (Alpha), Maxwell, Nyesha (Beta) Maxwell, Tacia (Alpha), McRae, Tiffany (Alpha) Nahid, Fatema (Delta). Pano, Olga (Delta) Pluviose, Sandra (Delta), Samuel, Shemika (Delta)

Level 2 – Epsilon Peer Mentors

Archer, Janelle; Bacon, Marquita; Balan, Carmel Calloway, Katrina; Fraser, Temesha A.; Gaskin, Damaris; Nicaisse, Melissa L.; Rodriguez, Susana Spinks, Pamela; Williams, Talia Diana; Woodman, Makeysha

Level 1 – Team Players

ALPHA : Chisholm, Kezia; Fraser, Maleeka; Gorib, N’ikki; Guerrier, Camille; James, Stacy Ann; Jean Jacques, Debbie; Jeanty, Michelle; Nisar, Azka; Noel, Melissa; Noel, Sheretta; Richards, Royanne and Sajid, Rahima

BETA: Darius, Lorraine; Desire, Johanne; Johnson, Tereka; Lawrence, Alyssa; Matute, Marlena; Morrell, Markela; Morrison, Thrillisa; Pano, Denisse; Pierre, Marie and Rigault, Tonika

GAMMA: Bloomfield, Tanya; Cherry, Carolyn; David, Cristal; DeRoche, Merlyn; Donovan, Trevior; Hernandez, Rebecca; Jarvis, Cherise; Matthew, Hermilyn; Moses, Lorna; Phillip, Dianne; Pope, Margaret J.A and Rowe, Zoraida

DELTA: Bell, Annette; Benjamin, Angela; Bigby, Jeanette; Danzell, Monica; Francois, June; Haddock, Mitzi; Hippolyte, Naomi; Maitre, Fay; Osse, May; Phillip, Yolande; Smith, Sonia M. and Wilson, Yvette

Level 2 – Epsilon Mentors

Actie, Merlina; John, Shayna; John, Janet S.; John-McCall, Anecia; Pano, Olga and St. Croix, Casey

Level 3 – Graduate Omega Leaders

Archer, Janelle
Bacon, Marquita
Gaskin, Damaris
Nicaisse, Melissa L.
Spinks, Pamela
Williams, Talia Diana
Woodman, Makeysha

Level 1: Team Players

Faulkner, Danielle; Joseph, Hazel L.; Lucea, Rachel; Pindling, Sydney;
Williams, Rondayah L. and Wilson, Jody Y.
Bell, Sheila M.; Collier, Roseann A.; and Simmons, Kristel
Clery-Leonce, Gracia A.; Griffith, Vielka; Gustave, Myrle M.; Hutchinson, Nakeylia; Johnson, Atalaya F.; Noel, Denise Michelle; Phillips, Karen A.; Robinson, Denise and Smith, Janice
Belfour, Elsa; Blake, Deborah C.; Carmona, Manuela; Collis, Charmaine; Martinez, Maria; Nicholas, Glenda H.; and Simon, Camelita

Level 2: Epsilon Mentors

Chisholm, Kezia; Desire, Johanne; Donovan, Treviour T.; Dove, Portia; James, Stacy-Ann; Matthew, Racheal H.; Morrell, Markela E.; Morrison, Thrillisa N.; and Pierre, Marie L.

Bigby, Jeanette P.; Bloomfield, Tanya M.; Danzell, Monica; Moses, Lorna; Phillip, Yolande V.; Pope, Margaret J.A; Smith, Sonia M.; and Wilson, Yvette

Level 3: Omega Leaders

Actie, Merlina
Fraser, Temesha
John, Janet S.
McCall, Anecia
St. Croix- Altier, Casey

Level 1: Team Players

Evans, Nyana; Jeremie, Marissa; Joseph, Kimmael; Modeste, Kadisha;
Pierre, Natricia; Porter, Elaine; Rose, Dorshelle; St. Marthe, Dorene Ann-Marie

Alexander, Claudia; Audaine, Amorrette; Bellot, Sarah; Brown, Chantellee Sylvia;
Clement, La Teisha; Daniel, Shawnee N.; Diallo, Saratou; Herrera, Denia;
Rose, Alexia; Similien, Tracy

Anglin, Valarey; Benoit, Emerline; Brown, Lorna Kaye; Gerson, Christine;
Jeremie, Marcia; Joseph, Michaelle; Joseph, Viero; McGuire, Angela

Archer, Hyacinth; Armatrading, Yvonne; Bembridge, Dolores; Gerald, Janet; Hillaire, Marcia, Matute, Minora, Scott, Valarie; Watson, Maxine; Wright, Lorna

Level 2: Epsilon Mentors

Griffith, Vielka; Haddock, Mitzi; Lawrence, Alyssa C.; Lucea, Rachel; Matute Marlena;
Pindling, Sydney; Pluviose, Sandra; Wilson, Jody
Campbell, Shemika; Clery-Leonce, Gracia; Belfour, Elsa; Benjamin, Angela;
Honore, Christine; Nicholas, Glenda; Simon, Camelita

Level 3: Omega Leaders

Bigby, Jeanette,
Bloomfield, Tanya
Danzell, Monica
Donovan, Treviour
Matthew, Rachael
Morrell, Markela
Morrison, Thrillisa
Moses, Lorna
Phillip, Yolande
Pope, Maragaret
Smith, Sonia
Wilson, Yvette

Team Players

Collymore, Raean
Drakes-Dennis, Brittany
Ellis, Chante Keri
Lopez, Noemi
Pluviose, Christine
Williams, Janet

Griffith, Kim A.
McMillan, Alisha
John Lockhart, Gilleon

Connell, Grace
Drakes, Julianna
Ellis, Beatrice
Herring, Rhonda
Stephens-Joseph, Marcia B.
Walker-Williams, Heather
Julien, Margaret

Clarke, Judy
DuMmerville, Maria
Fisher, Andrea V.
Forbes, Phyllis
Huntley, Yvonne
McIntosh – McCollin, Kathy Ann
Prince, Kathleen
Odia, Jennifer
Wallace, Eldora
Ware, Angela E.
Wilson Ottley, Lorna T.


Alexander, Claudia
Audaine, Amorette Zelmine
Brown, Chantellee Sylvia
George, Alphena A.
Rose, Alexia S.
Rose, Dorshelle

Armantrading, Yvonne
Benoit, Emerline
Brown, Lorna
Gershon, Christine A.
Gustave, Myrle
Matute, Minora
Watson, Maxine
Wright, Lorna

Benjamin, Angela
Campbell, Shemika S.
Clery-Leonce, Gracia A.
Honore, Christine
James, Stacy Ann
Lawrence, Alyssa C.
Matute, Marlena M.
Nicholas, Glenda H.
Pindling, Sydney
Pluviose, Sandra
Simon, Camelita
Wilson, Jody Y.M.