November 2015- 4 Real Women International, Inc. has established Sundays as #jadaday in honor of Jada Danielle and representing children who are missing due to parental abduction.

According to an estimated 203,900 children are victims of a family abduction and biological fathers are responsible for 53% of the parental child abduction cases. No mother should have to suffer the disappearance of her child. For 4 Real Women International, Inc. this issue is very close to home.

Join in the efforts to let Jada Danielle know that her mother loves her and wants her home. Show your support for #jadaday by visiting our social media pages
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Like, share, or comment on our #jadaday Sunday postings to bring awareness to the issue of parental abduction.

The attached image is the last photo of Jada Danielle before she was abducted.