February 2015 – 4 Real Women International, Inc. (4RWI) has been awarded a 2015 capacity building grant from The Hoosie Martin Foundation. This grant will allow 4RWI to advance its mission of mentoring, inspiring, and empowering women and girls globally.The Hoosie Martin Foundation invests in nonprofit organizations that are committed to expanding their capacity in order to have a greater impact on society. The foundation seeks to secure the success and self-sufficiency of selected non-profit organizations by ensuring access to the educational and financial resources necessary to implement positive social change.

Non-profit organizations are carefully vetted by The Hoosie Martin Foundation and can only apply after receiving an invitation to do so. Grants and scholarships are awarded based upon the priorities of the selected nonprofits and their designated strategic areas of education, social service, and commitment to community development. 4 Real Women International, Inc. is among some of the nation’s notable nonprofits that have received this honor. Some of organizations that have received this grant, include: Feeding America (2014), United Way (2014), Boys and Girls Club (2014), and Fort Worth Aviation Museum (2013) among others.

4 Real Women International, Inc. is honored to be the 2015 recipient of The Hoosie Martin Foundation’s capacity building grant. This grant will serve to strengthen and enhance 4RWI signature programs and expand its mission of changing lives one woman at a time.