Coping with COVID: Distance Learning

“With the right support, parents/guardians can learn how to create an environment that allows their children to thrive” – Shonelle George   The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted the normal functioning and activities within our daily lives. With the implementation of social distancing, the institution of remote learning programs, and homeschooling, the pandemic has triggered internally […]

Exploring Creativity

Creating an outlet for self-expression allows you to  stretch your thinking and broaden your worldviews. –Shonelle George What makes an individual creative? The prevailing belief that creativity is just for gifted people who possess magical powers assigned from birth makes those who do not fall into this category predestined for doom.  Allow me to put […]

Kids Have Emotions Too

Our girls are successful because we make it our priority to be aware. They demand our attention and love, especially in moments of uncertainty Because they have emotions too – Shonelle George My daughter has not had the best digestive record. During this particular week, she did not drink as much water as I would […]

What Are You Carrying?

Sharing how you feel with others is like unloading boxes filled with bricks, you have been carrying all week. Removing the weight of that heavy emotion frees you and gives you hope – Shonelle George   As human beings, we carry stressors that add to the physical weight of the things we are already juggling. […]

The Culture of Male Incivility: A Global Pandemic

It is now an undeniable fact, COVID-19 has peeled off layers of social inequities and revealed some of our deepest vulnerabilities. Systemic and systematic racism now widely acknowledged, have further unveiled tentacles of hate and oppression. Our venerated institutions of government, law, justice, education, health care, religious denominations, corporations, and so many others, have all […]

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