Why we exist

About us

why we exist

4 Real Women International exists to bring awareness, voice, and potential solutions to the issues of inequality that impact women and girls around the world.

We do this by

  1. Creating yearly programs for women and girls with the purpose of self-renewal and individual empowerment
  2. Working towards the advancement of women by encouraging mentorship, advocacy and networking
  3. Helping women to seek personal purpose and meaning by placing them on a persistent quest for self-improvement
  4. Seeking to unify women, of all ages, races, ethnicities, nationalities, and religious affiliations through the development of collectives of women, who through local and global grass root efforts grow together and learn from each other’s life experiences
  5. Identifying the existing and emerging roles of women and empowering women to seek and carry out leadership functions
  6. Offering long-term hope for women, by sharing positive experiences and disseminating information that will lead to emotional recovery.
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