Pay Membership Here


Please choose your Membership dues based on

Step 1: Your years in 4RWI
Step 2: Your choice payment frequency: monthly, biannual or annual.


For monthly payment, please return every month to pay your fee.

For bi-annual payment, you will need to return to pay the second half at the end of the year.

As per 4RWI Constitution & Bylaws:

Article V Section VII:
All regular and Board Members of 4RWI will be granted up to December 31st of each year to submit/update their membership fee for the year. All regular and Board Members in arrears on January 1st of the following year, will not be in good standing and will also be ineligible to participate in these activities for the following year:
● Any leadership positions in their local chapters
● International events organized by 4RWI Inc (virtual or in-person)
*After January 1st, members in arrears will have to recuse themselves from leadership and international events. To be reinstated the member will need to pay their past due balance from the previous year along with 50% of the fees for the current year

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