Empowerment Workshops & Interventions


We are honored that you are interested in the facilitation services of 4 Real Women International Inc. Our workshops are intended to create dialogue, awareness and understanding around issues that impact women and girls. Our private interventions are designed to help women explore and confront the fears that are holding them back. To provide you with the best service possible we invite you to take the time to complete and submit the form at least 60 days prior to your event date.

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Group Workshops

4RWI boasts of a team of experienced and professional facilitators, trained in presenting workshops and seminars in various settings.

4 Real Women International Inc. Signature workshops:

  • When Love Becomes Dangerous: Women in Violent Relationships™ (spiritual, emotional spiritual and legal implications of violence and abuse in dating and marriage)
  • Are You Listening: What is Your Body Saying to You?™ (female health)
  • How To Become a Woman of Influence in the 21st Century™ (leadership)
  • This Too Shall Pass: Healing from Divorce, Separation and Toxic Relationships™
  • Heartbreak Protection 101: How NOT to Fall for Hustlers and Players ™ (dating, marriage, relationships)
  • When You Say Yes™ (self-accountability for girls ages 12- 17)
  • Beyond Hairdos, Pedicures, and Manicures: How To Take Care of You After 50™ (self-empowerment)
  • Mean Women Gone Wild! ™ (building positive relationships among women)
  • I’ve Always Wanted To Do That!™ (entrepreneurship)
  • What’s Money Got To Do With Anything?™ (personal finances)
  • She’s Come Undone: When Women do Too Much ™ (work-life balance)
  • Cuando Las Mujeres Hacen Demasiado™ (work-life balance in Spanish)
  • The Things We Pass On™ (positive relationship-building for mothers)
  • Filling the Emotional Blanks: How To Stop Giving More Than You Get™ (emotional health, relationships)
  • When You Fly Solo ™ (single parenting)
  • Walk Fearless!™ (personal safety and awareness)
  • Dealing with the Isms™ (handling racism, sexism and ageism)
  • Where You Begin Where They End ™ (setting boundaries in relationships)
  • When The Man You Love Betrays You: Symptoms, Causes and Critical Resolutions ™ (infidelity)
  • The Lady Boss: Owning and Sharing Respect When You are the Leader ™ (leadership for women)

4RWI, Inc. offers many more workshops, and can also develop workshops for the specific needs of your group. Contact us for more information on workshop availability and our current fees. ™All workshops are trademarked by 4 Real Women International Inc. Sign-up for our newsletter and receive notice of workshop presentations in your area.
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Private Interventions

The Team of Empowerment Facilitators of 4RWI, Inc offers “Take Off Your Mask” (TOYM) private interventions for Adults, Young Adults and Teens. The TOYM Interventions are designed to help women explore and face the fears that are holdign them back from living their best lives. During TOYM women learn to draw from the courage of other women and create safe places of trust to undburden and share.

The cost of these interventions is contigent upon the needs of each group. Please email info@4rwi.org with full details of your event.
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