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The Leadership Summit is a yearly event facilitated by 4 Real Women International Inc. At the Summit Affiliate Leaders, along with Aspiring and Current members receive training, report outcomes and impact from the community work of the previous year, review policies and conduct new business for the organization, officially induct new and aspiring members to the organization.

Goal $ 23,000


Before the Pandemic 4RWI ran an annual Leadership Academy 4 Women in Brooklyn and Queens, NY. Hundreds of women participated and graduated from the Academy. It created a place and space for women to share life’s experiences but also hone in on life and career skills. 4RWI continues to present its members, volunteers and supporters constant opportunities for self-growth through Masterclass Classes that take place virtually and throughout the year.

Goal $ 10,000


Our social network its a safe enviroment for women to connect with other women, learn, inspire, be informed and much more, and it’s free to join. However we need help to pay the online platform.

Goal $ 2,500


A consequence of global warming is thar natural disasters have more common now than at any other time in history. Often times women and girls, who are already in conditions of financial lack are victims. This fund will serve to provide resources during these times.

Goal $ 8,000

Support 4RWI GrassRoots Work

4RWI has 15 teams of volunteers organizing and carrying out grassroots work in the USA Latin America, and the Caribbean. Besides training opportunities, 4RWI wants to find ways of financially supporting their efforts through annual grants.

Goal $ 7,500


4RWI staff are volunteers. They donate their time. However we have  monthly operational costs:   maintain the website, graphic design, marketing, phone bills, zoom platform, etc.

Goal $ 6,000

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